Cool happenings in Room 8…

LOTS of cool things going on in Room 8 this week…


No hat = no sun fun (instead it’ll be play in the shade)!!!!!

we are busy practising our syndicate athletics ready for the school athletics day for students 8 years and older.  Our Pukeko 7 year olds will stay and be leaders for the Piwakawaka syndicate on athletics day.  They will take part in the Piwakawaka syndicate “Big Day Out” fun day later in the term 🙂

Mrs Finucane, Miss Klein, Mrs Corrigan and Ms Trow will be going to the athletics day to help run the different events 🙂





And that was Term 3 in Room 8…

Wow what a fabulicious, frantic and fun term 3 we had! Happy holidays everyone!! If you missed our end of term performance this afternoon – there’s a cool video taken by the very clever Miss Williams – it’s on our school Facebook page – she streamed it live there!!! Wow it’s cool!! Especially for those who couldn’t be there in person. Well done Miss Williams!!

Here’s some photos from the last few weeks of term…

Our ‘Sarah-Lee art’ – and photos of us with Sarah-Lee on her last are Aroha College Gateway experience day with us. Thanks Sarah-Lee!!

On Tuesday Callum from ASB Bank came to talk to us about money… here’s some pictures of our fun time with Callum…

Performance Assembly Friday!!

Just a quick reminder, as it’s our last week of term 3…. we have our school performance assembly on Friday – note it’ll be at the earlier time of 2PM!!!!

Pukeko syndicate have an awesome item for you! See you there!! 🙂

Week 9, Term 3 And A Sad Farewell To Tariqah

Wow!!! Week 9 already!! This week we carry on with our History research posters. Very exciting learning about important dates in our history!! 🤗🤗 This follows on from our class speeches – everyone researched, wrote and spoke! Well done team!!!

Last week Tariqah left SAS. We wish her and her family all the best in their new adventures.

Speeches 2018

Last Thursday Room 8 held its class speeches. Our 2 minute speeches were persuasive speeches with our opinion on topics of our choice – with the aim of getting the audience to agree with our opinions (or at least get them thinking and considering it).

We planned, researched, drafted and re-worked our speeches to perfection on cue cards, then we co-created our speech expectations criteria with Ms Trow (and made sure our speeches fitted all the criteria).

Everyone spoke, and were also great active listeners who gave fantastic, positive feedforward – and Ms Trow is very proud of you all!!!

Ka pai Room 8 Superstars!!! 🤗💕💖✨✨👍🏻😎

Calendar art and fun times in Room 8….

WOW!!! Week 5, Term 3 already!!!  This week we sent our cool, creative calendar art home – if you would like to order these please return the completed order form at the back of the art work original WITH your money AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…. the art work!!  (If you keep the art work, the printer has nothing to copy to complete your order)…

This week our 3 class reps ran at the District Cross Country – they all ran really well and we are very proud of them!!! Well done Joe, Connor and Gaeb. 🙂

To clarify the Room 8 home learning process… every Monday the students hand their home learning books to Ms Trow.  Every Tuesday the students go over their home learning with Ms Trow and a new set for the week is given.  There is always a weekly note with any notices from Ms Trow to parents/whanau plus an outline of the home learning for the week.  There is also always a maths activity sheet to complete.  The students have from Tuesday to the following Monday to complete their home learning.

For Daffodil Day Friday we have an art display at the ANZ Bank in Matamata – here is a photo of our colour watercolour artwork:

And for to raise money for the Cancer Society on Daffodil Day we dressed up in yellow… here we are:


This week’s joke of the week is from Sophie:

Why is Cinderella a bad choice for your soccer team?

Because she always runs away from the ball…

Room 8 Star Runners

Yesterday we held our school cross country races. We all ran our best and are very proud of our achievements. Connor, Gaebriel and Joe have been selected to represent our school in next week’s Districts Cross Country races. Well done boys!!

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