Term 2, Week 9 in Room 8

This Friday is our Class Assembly Item 🙂 We have been practising very hard and Ms Trow is very, very proud of our progress – come along and see us perform!! 🙂

Assembly starts at the Rec Centre on Friday at 2:15, if it is earlier I will put the time here on our blog – Mrs Hayes also puts a ‘push’ out on the school app advising of early starts too.

See you there! This is me……


We have been publishing our Winter Acrostic Poems.  Here is an awesome one by Rawinia:

Winter is grey by Rawinia

Winter is grey and

I was watching the  stars

New  tonight so I can see them but

Tuesday night as the 7 stars shine up and

Everyone coming when it is night time

Really cold outside


Week 7, Term 2 in Room 8

This week our weekly joke of the week is from Rico:

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear 😂😂🐻 🍬

Limerick Writing

We have been learning how to write limericks as part of our poem unit this term.

Here is an awesome limerick by Xavier:

Oh hooray for the rain!

I can move, I don’t feel any pain.

And now I’m a pest

I’m the biggest and the best.

The most marvellous pest, once again.



Matariki craft

This week we have been weaving paper kete and stars for our Matariki celebrations. Here are some photos of us weaving our stars. The first photo is a very proud Calleb. Calleb said “I can’t”, Ms Trow said “you mean you can’t, yet…” sing tried hard…. and then he could! Here’s Calleb with his finished, amazing star 🙂

Here is Rico and his cool stars:

Ayden’s report from Rarotonga

On Monday Ayden came back to class after a trip to the beautiful islands of Rarotonga. He wrote an awesome diary if his adventures and read it to us. He also brought in some of his souvenirs from Rarotonga. These are some photos of Ayden reading us his diary and showing us his beautiful souvenirs. Thanks and great sharing Ayden – what a wonderful trip!!

Week 5, Term 2 in Room 8 … World Moving Challenge Wednesday :)

On Wednesday Room 8 was an enthusiastic and energetic part of the whole school World Moving Challenge. We all boogied and rocked for 15 minutes in the Rec Centre – not an easy feat but one we rocked totally – thanks so much to our co-ordinator, the lovely (and energetic!) Miss Williams 🙂

This week’s joke of the week is by Rico:

What do you call cheese that is not yours?

Nacho cheese 🙂

Term 2, Week 4 in Room 8…

And the fun continues in Room 8.

We have been working on acrostic poems – focussing on Autumn from our Pukeko Autumn Wetlands Walk.

Here is Gaeb’s home learning acrostic poem about himself:

Great family

Amazingly kind

Enormous heart

Biking is my thing

Right way to your dreams

Imagination is massive

Editing makes you smart

Liquorice is wonderful.


This is Ayden’s home learning acrostic poem about himself:

Ayden is cool,

Young and a fool

Doesn’t listen to the rule,

Ends up in the pool…



Nice, creative acrostic poem Ayden 🙂


Ice cream making experiences with School Kit

Last term Room 8 made ice cream of various flavours with resources from School Kit. (Some tasted yum… others not so appetising, but a fun experience all the same). Ms Trow is still working out the best way to publish all the photos – so here are a few… Thanks School Kit – we love your resources!!!

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