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Hi everyone!
Here we are officially in day 2 of lockdown. Before I go into the school and learning side of things, I just want to say from the Pukeko Teachers, we know that these next few weeks will be a balancing act for all of us – families come first, school work fits in where and when it can.
Although this week was disrupted learning with the lockdown coming into play, this week is classed as a school week, hence the learning packs that came home were set up for a week of work.
The school holidays start on Monday (30 March) for 2 weeks.  At this stage, online learning will start on the 14th or 15th of April. Closer to the time we will let you know what this looks like.
PLEASE NOTE: I don’t seem to have everyone’s email address on the school database, so if you are in contact with any Room 8 parents, please have them make contact with me via email so I can create a group from there.  And please email me your email address if I don’t have it already on file.  I will be available via email if I can help with anything during this time =
Here are some ideas for at home learning from Miss Williams:
  • Our class blog: I  will be updating our blog with ideas to try at home and would love for students to add comments if they try these ideas – they could also send photos to me via email if you/they want. I have also have a page with links to activities and websites which I will update as I find more resources to share
  • Skip Counting on the steps/stairs: One idea I really like was for students to practice skip counting whilst going up/down stairs or steps (if you have them). Walk or jump up the steps counting in 2s (2,4,6,8) then when you go down the steps try counting in 5s. If this gets too easy , try 10s or even something tricky like 3s!
  • Studyladder – I have set up Study ladder to focus on maths practise and literacy skills such as comprehension, spelling etc . Your child should have their log in glued into their notebook – if you need this please let me know so I can send you these details
  • Mathseeds – Students are familiar with this and can work on these tasks with little help (they do this independently in class) again if you need the log in , let me know.
  • Spelling: Some students may not have their spelling lists with them so I have attached the set , fingers crossed they remember their list, again let me know if they are not sure.  Ideas for spelling, you can use activities that have been in home learning books but here are some movement based ideas : Clap it out – clap your hands to each letter as you spell each word out. Stand & Sit: spell each word by standing up for consonants and sitting down for vowels.
  • Fitness – I realise we are allowed outside at. the moment ,but should the weather turn pear shaped is full of so much!! Guided dances, co-ordination clips and plenty more.
  • Story Writing – I have attached an image of an example that you can use OR students can make up their own. In their writing they can describe the animal in the picture , or choose two animals to combine and make their own. Ask them questions like what does it look like , what does it eat, where does it live etc. They could even try drawing it. At this age writing focus’ is on using adjectives (descriptive words). For example =  The flutterphant is a giant-sized animal who spends most of its time on the grassy plains of Africa. I am happy for students to type stories and send them to me if they would like feedback.
Hopefully, these ideas help but as I said – balance is the key – especially if you are trying to work form home and are sharing a device. Life skills are just as important as bookworm. Baking – perfect for maths! STEM challenges are great too! Gardening – looking at how things grow etc. And of course helping around the house – self management!
Stay safe and stay sane and please let me know if I can help any further.
Keep safe, be kind to yourselves and each other, and kia kaha – stay strong,
Ms Trow
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Week 8 in Room 8 :)

This week we were super busy in Room 8!!  Below are some photos of our learning and fun…  we have all our awesome learning and artwork on display – pop in and have a look – prepare to be amazed!! 🙂


Maths:  The sensational Miss Klein gave us a new pile of very cool maths games – we have started using these to develop, practise and extend our maths learning, vocabulary and skills.  Next week we will start our new units on geometry and looking at different ways to add and subtract (and remembering when to add or subtract!), so we’ll be able to use new geometry vocabulary at home.  Next week we will be looking at 2d and 3d shapes, basic positions (above, below, beside, left right etc) – and building models of shapes from instructions.  Then we will be learning about and creating mazes.  You can challenge us during the week to make a maze to describe the path we would follow to get out of our room if there was a fire. You can also ask us to describe the route we take to get to school. (Using this kind of language helps to develop our maths ideas) :).

Writing:  This week we finished our Instructional writing and published our steps to making Mrs Preston’s art cats.  Our publishing will be going up on our writing walls where you can read our awesome instructions 🙂

Reading:  This week we started our reading focus on predicting…. we looked at how to make predictions using our readers cover and title,  and then halfway through our readers we had to write our predictions on what we thought would happen next and why…. then the end of the reader we can see if our predictions were right!


Term 1, Week 7: Learning and Fun in Room 8 :)

DON’T FORGET!!! Colour your Day mufti day is tomorrow (Friday 13/3) – gold coin donation – bright colour theme 🙂

This week we finished our “Something Fishy” writing unit by making some very cool washing machine fish art… here we are dying our imaginative fish scenes ready to glitter the outside of the washing machines… Here Hannah is helping Braxton and Phoenix to dye their art:

IMG_0201 (1).JPGIMG_0202 (1).JPG

This week we started instruction writing… here we are in buddies writing instructions on how to sit on a chair… as Ms Trow modelled, our instructions have to be very clear and precise to be successful 🙂

IMG_0205 (1).JPG

IMG_0206 (1).JPG

IMG_0207 (1).JPG

This week is our final week of swimming for Term 1.  Here we are having fun in the pool on Thursday – especially Courtney, Arghamveer and Braxton who have mastered floating independently using flutter boards and noodles!  PLUS Courtney can go right under the water – all on her own!!!! :).  Well done – Ms Trow is very very proud of you all!!!

IMG_0212 (1).JPG

IMG_0214 (1).JPGIMG_0215 (1).JPG


IMG_0193 (1).JPG

IMG_0196 (1).JPGHere are Olivia and Courtney practising their floating and kicking skills 🙂   What gorgeous little mermaids!!!



Room 8’s Fabulicious Self-portraits

Our self-portraits are on display outside our classroom door – come along and see them – they look amazing!! :). This year we used a Kandinsky style of drawing, along with drawings of our favourite things, glitter, our photos and our names in collage using newspaper and magazine letters 🙂


Self portraits 2020 (1).jpg

Room 8’s Valentine’s Day Art 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 everyone from Room 8!  This year we made Kandinsky inspired heart art – mixing hot and cold colours… and glitter (of course!!).  We hope you all love them as much as we do – here we are creating our masterpieces…


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